Best Bowling Pro Shops was born straight out of a dream….the dream of business ownership and the love for the game. It all started with the Chesterfield location in July of 2005. It was great from the start, with a very central location in the heart of the St. Louis market and word of mouth running faster than we could measure, the Chesterfield store quickly became a major pro shop in the St. Louis area. The addition of Edgar Atienza definitely made us more efficient, faster and better service and a whole new level of friendly!

Then, only a few months later a second location was possible and after a little while it ended up being what it is today, inside St. Charles Lanes, where Eddie Byrd drills today. Eddie (St. Charles Hall of Famer) and St. Charles bowlers were destined to end up together and along with the addition of our friend, Sean North, it is all a perfect match for that location.

In July of 2007 we added Mark Thomas to our Staff. Mark is a staple of bowling in the Saint Louis Market. He’s been drilling bowling balls for over 25 years and his reputation reaches far beyond the Saint Louis/Saint Charles area.

A little more time and effort and Greg Townsend and Albert Tran came on board. These guys absolutely love the game and the knowledge behind the scenes, but most importantly, they take huge pride on what they do. Every customer is treated at the highest level of service with the most willing disposition to help.

Dave Roberts Jr came not long after….If you live in the south side of the Saint Louis Area, you know Dave for sure. He brings a new level of technical training to our team that is almost unmatched. The Imperial Location ended up being a perfect fit.

As you can see, we have grown steadily over the last few years. Not too fast but by no means slow. We now have 5 locations in this market making us the largest business of its kind in Saint Louis, Saint Charles and Jefferson County.

All of the above would not be important without the people that make up the Best Bowling Pro Shops Team, Eddie, Mark, Edgar, Greg, Albert, Sean, Dave and Daniel.

Come visit, call, send an email, and ask a question or two…your choice. We promise you, we are friendly, open, approachable and easy to work with.

Best Bowling Pro Shops….. Always bringing the best of bowling to you!

Staff Bios

Daniel Puerto

Daniel Puerto

I have always wanted to work in the bowling industry, particularly in the pro shop business. I really enjoy helping our customers bowl better, have more knowledge of the game and the equipment. I’ve been drilling bowling balls non stop since I was 16 years old, and here we are now with Best Bowling Pro Shops having 7 locations and growing our customer base every day, one customer at the time.

I still enjoy bowling as much as I did the fist day I rolled the ball when I was a kid. I’ve bowled several PBA events in the past, but only accomplishing a best finish of 8th place at a Regional…Those guys are so good! My favorite tournaments every year are Missouri State Championships, The Greater Ozarks and USBC Nationals where I’ve had some success with a few 700 series. My best night on the lanes was during scratch league when I rolled 300, 259, 300 for 859 total. I am not too sure that will ever happen to me again!

I spend most of my time at our Chesterfield Location where it all started for Best Bowling Pro Shops. Come see me and I promise you’ll receive the best service in town.


Eddie Byrd

I started bowling at the age of 13 and got hooked. The funny thing about this is I am the only person in my family that bowls. I actually started bowling at St Charles Lanes so it's  a good fit for me since I started bowling here and know most of the centers customers. I started helping out in a pro shop when I was 15 doing plug work and resurfacing balls to get equipment and then started drilling when I was about 16 years old. I started bowling really heavy when I was in my mid to late 20's bowling a lot of TNBA events and the Megabuck events in Las Vegas. I have 2 top 10 finishes in The High-Roller and also the True Amateur events. I also joined the PBA in 2001 and was member until 2006 with my highest finish on the National tour of 17th in Louisville KY and a 2nd place in Willowbrook IL in the regional events. In 2005 and 2006 seasons I was 7th and 8 place in the points list for those 2 season and I also have 1 PBA 300 and a 299 games to my credit.I have several local sweeper and tournament victories to my credit along with 80+ 300 games and over 65 800 series a with a 868 as my high series. Come by the St Charles location if there is anything I can help you with no matter if its a fit issue ball choice or just for some insight of the game.



Mark Thomas

Hello, I have been enjoying the sport of bowling for almost 40 years now. My Father and Sister were early inspirations as they started taking me to the lanes (Tower Bowl, Maple and Suburban Lanes) at an early age. I began drilling as a teenager and started drilling professionally during the 1981-1982 Season and now have 30 years of drilling experience. Many of you will remember me from AMF Strike and Spare Lanes where I spent over 25 Years drilling at that location. Over the years, I have built a very loyal customer base and I invite all of you to come visit me at my new home, Brunswick Zone Chesterfield on Olive and Woods Mill.

I have drilled bowling balls for many touring PBA members, including some very prominent players with several National Titles. As for my own bowling, I’ve had numerous 300 games and 800 series, with a career high series of 856 and a single season average of 235 over 96 games. I was a past champion of the PBA Rolaids Open Pro Am and Team Matrix member which shot the nations high series for a trio in 2001. Although a little older and experiencing a few back and elbow issues which have inhibited my game some, you are liable to see me on the lanes just about anywhere in town. My personal favorite is 9-Pin-No-Tap tournaments…as I get older I find it easier to go for 9 than all 10 pins. Whether you are young, old, novice or experienced, come on down to Brunswick Zone Chesterfield and I will be glad to do whatever I can to help you, help your game. 


Dave Roberts

I've been in the pro shop business ever since I started bowling at the age of 16 and my passion for the game hasn't slowed down since!  If I'm not practicing or drilling one of the newest Track products to try out I'm coaching other bowlers to help improve their technique.  I have am on Regional Player Staff with Track and Turbo, and I like bowling in a lot of local amateur and PBA regional tournaments across the Midwest.  I've had multiple perfect 300 games and a handful of 800 series with a high of 826 and trying for more!  I'm always studying new drilling and coaching techniques to help serve my customers better and help them elevate their game.  My favorite part about what I do is helping customers of all ages achieve a level of success that they never knew they could reach.  I'm very proud to be a part of Best Bowling Pro Shops and look forward to many more years with this awesome team!  Email, call, or even come see me inside our location at Imperial Bowl and I will give you that awesome service that you expect from Best Bowling Pro Shops.




Edgar Atienza

I'll be honest, bowling was not love at first sight. It has not been a part of my life for a long time. As a matter of fact, I was introduced to bowling when I worked at a bowling center as a customer service representative. That's when I met Daniel Puerto. Under his wing, I learned the ways of bowling.  I immediately grew fond of it, then learned to love it. Bowling is what I love, but providing service for my bowlers is my passion.  I have been drilling bowling balls since 2007 and one of my favorite parts about this job is when a customer comes in to tell me that his or her average jumped up one pin! Imagine how I feel when they shoot big scores! 

If you need any kind of help with your game, please come see me. Whether it's putting the correct equipment in your hand, or simply putting your hand in a correct position. I'm here for you!


Sean North

I started bowling at the age of 12 after watching a friend of mine bowl on Saturday morning junior leagues.  I really became interested in the game after the first league I bowled.  I quickly became obsessed with it and practiced every day I could shortly after that.  I have 10 300"s and 2 800"s with a high of 822.  Some of my favorite tournaments to bowl are the Missouri State USBC Tournament, USBC Nationals, and bowling some of the local tournaments around the St. Louis area with friends.  Stop in and see me at our St. Charles Lanes location.  


Albert Tran

 Bowling has always found a place for me and I can only wish to help.  I have been with the Best Bowling team since 2007 and have gained only the best knowledge available about bowling and bowling equipment.  I started bowling at Brunswick Zone Chesterfield around 2006 and my love of the game has been growing since.  Although I look young, I have gained a wealth of knowledge learning behind the expertise of Daniel Puerto at our Chesterfield location and eventually getting transferred to our former location at Strike and Spare.  There I spent the past 3.5 years working with the Legend Mark Thomas and learned many tricks of the trade from him. Mark and I worked with some of the best bowlers in the area and my skills were finely tuned to cater to bowlers of every level.  I am now the manager of our store located inside our Brunswick Zone Lakeside where I have been since mid 2011.  I really take pride in my drilling services and my services on the lanes.  One of my favorite parts of the job is getting to know my customers and really helping them fine tune their game. Come visit me at Lakeside so we can learn more about you and your game. 



Andy Cline

I started bowling 25 years ago at the age of 8.  Since then it has been a passion of mine.  I'm an accountant/local system admin for a medical supply company.  I work part time for Best Bowling, joining the team around 2011.  I am also a member of Track's amateur staff.  At the time this profile was written I have 12 300 games, which includes one Sport 300 and 8 800s, with my high being 845.  My highest season avg is 238.  I have one Gran Prix/NBT Tour title to go along with my 3rd Annual Mid-Missouri Hustler title.  I also finished second in Missouri State All-Events Scratch, in 2012.  I bowl as many tournaments as I can locally and in parts of the country.  Every year I travel to the Greater Ozarks, Missouri State Tournament, TNBA Rhodman Classic, Louisville Derby, Greater Tulsa Open, 4-State Open and the USBC Open Championship.  Come out at and see me at our Chesterfield location or you can email me at

Jordan Richard

I started working for Best Bowling Pro Shops early 2013.  With the Imperial location getting busier and busier Dave needed help.  Daniel and Dave both asked me to be the assistant at the Imperial Location I immediately said yes. Ever since then my knowledge of the game has gone through the roof and I'm constantly learning.  

I bowled 2 years in high school for the Seckman bowling team, and after graduating to adults, I have now become the High School coach for Seckman, Fox and Windsor. I love bowling local tournaments around the area.  I'm proud to have qualified for Junior Gold for 4 straight years.  The year I went to Detroit was my best finish taking 225th out of 1100 guys and also shooting my one of two 300 games have to my credit. I also have 804 series and and 2 299 games so far. My favorite part about my job is having bowlers come back to me letting me know that they achieved there highest game, series, etc. Its a honor to be working with the Best pro shop around and I really hope more years to come. Being a part of Best Bowling Pro Shops and my passion for coaching has earned me a spot on Ebonite's coaching staff.  Something that I'm very proud to be a part of.  If you have any question go ahead and email me at

Kevin Atienza

I got my first ever bowling ball from Best Bowling Pro Shops when I was 9 years old.  At first, I enjoyed the game as a kid, hanging out with new found friends as well as my family.  Edgar is my oldest brother and he coached me through my bowling career.  I started get more into bowling when I was 12 with the help of the junior bowling program at Brunswick in Chesterfield.  I shot my very first 300 game at the age of 14 on lanes 19-20 at Brunswick.  Ever since that point, I knew that I could continue to improve my game.  Like Edgar, I worked as a customer service representative at Brunswick where I got to know Daniel and the team better.  In the fall of 2012, I shot my very first 800 series without knowing it.

During the spring of 2013, I received a phone call from Daniel.  To be honest, I thought I had done something wrong involving a ball damage sheet the night prior.  He called me in early, not to tell me bad news, but instead a job offer.  I love everything and anything about the sport of bowling, and I believe that Daniel saw that in me.  I am always eager to learn about the equipment, oil patterns, and the game itself.  I have a passion for helping others out, whether it is bowling related or not.  My goal is to teach others just like I have been taught, and have my customers learn as much as I've learned and still learning.  It may only be my first year as a pro shop manager, but I am confident in myself to give the best service out there possible.  Come out and see me at our Cave Springs location and I would be glad to help!  You can also email me at

Kyle Sherman

Bowling has always been second nature to me. With my parents, Dennis and Tracy, being avid and accomplished bowlers themselves, I had no choice but to accept the bowling gene that would be passed down to me. I bowled my first 300 game at the age of eleven and ever since then I have been trying to elevate my game to the highest point  it can be while keeping the mindset that the sky is the limit. My more notable accomplishments include two PBA regional titles, member of Jr. Team USA, and captain of the 2014 Lindenwood national champions. Bowling and competing has been a love of mine since day one, but my passion lies in helping others improve their game and growing bowling as a whole. I am excited about the opportunity to grow and learn under the best team in bowling. Please always feel welcomed to stop by our Frontier location with any issue you are having because providing the best service in bowling is what I love to do.
Neil Cooley

Hello! I have been bowling since I was about 4-5 year old.  My whole family does it so it was easy to start learning.  Between tagging along with my Dad and then finally starting to bowl leagues, I was instantly hooked. I ended up bowling collegiality for Minnesota State Mankato and Midland University, where while bowling for Midland University, took 2nd place at the Intercollegiate Team Championships in 2015. 

 I have 12 300’s and 3 800’s with a high of 824. I also took 5th place in the 2012 Junior Gold Championships while having a 300 there as well. During the 2014 USBC Open Championships, I finished with a 782 in Singles and 2,128 in All-Events.  Come by the Chesterfield location if there is anything I can help you with!

Coach Bios

Randy Lightfoot

Before Randy Lightfoot and his family took over ownership of St Charles Lanes, he was a member of the PBA tour for 14 years.  During that time he won 3 National PBA titles, including the 1981 Masters, and made 8 telecasts and has 6 regional titles to his credit.  He is currently in his 12th year as the head coach of the Lindenwood Men's bowling program.  During that time the Lions have won 31 tournaments, including 10 tier ones under his direct leadership.  With Randy by their side they have regularly been among the top five collegiate teams in the nation and won the 2005 Men's Intercollegiate Bowling Championships titles, same goes for the women in 2006.  Randy has been elected into the Missouri, St Louis, and St Charles bowling hall of fame, is a USBC Silver level coach and in 2006, 2008, 2012 was selected as one of the top 100 coaches in the country by Bowler's Journal Magazine.   

Randy is available for coaching and will be able to help with any aspect of your game.  To schedule a lesson contact Randy at St Charles Lanes (636-949-0311) or email him at

Player Bios

Bill Uthoff

Bill is a phenomenal bowler with more than 50 perfect games and over 20 800 series and who knows how many more 11 in a row awards, there are more than 30. He is also the proud holder of 4 Gran Prix Tour Championships, Two St. Louis Masters League Titles, Missouri State Tournament Title, Greater Ozarks Tournament Title and these are just to mention some of the tournament success stories he has had over his more than 20 years in the sport. Bill has also found success at our sports largest stage, The USBC Open, with over 144 games bowled and a life time average of 204 including a perfect 300 game in 2008.


Bill is not only a great bowler but also a great promoter of the sport. He runs the St. Louis Masters League and the Breakaway Mens League, two of the premier leagues in the Metropolitan Area.


Bill Uthoff, a household bowling name in St. Louis/St. Charles and we are very proud to have him on board as part of our Best Bowling Pro Shops Player Staff. Next time you see him on the lanes, ask him about Best Bowling Pro Shops!!!


Mike Wedemeier

Without question, one of the premier right handed scratch bowlers in St. Louis. During the last few seasons he has been tearing the pins up! Mike has 40 300 games and 28 800 series, 8 Gran Prix Tour Titles. He was crowned Missouri State All Events and Doubles Champion during the 2007 journey. Mike also won the Hoinke Tournament Scratch division and made match play during the 2007 USBC Masters Tournament, putting himself shoulder to shoulder with the best players in the world.

Mike’s accomplishments are too many to list here, this is just a sample, and to make it even more impressive…he did all this before the age of 30!


Aside from bowling, Mike has a very approachable personality, whenever you see him on the lanes go ahead and ask him where he goes for all his bowling needs and he’ll tell you…Best Bowling Pro Shops!

Chris Taylor

I started bowling at 4 years old because of my grandparents and it’s pretty much been a part of me ever since. If you needed me between 2pm-3:30pm every Saturday afternoon from around September to April as a kid, I was in front of the TV, watching the PBA Tour on ABC. Obviously, like every kid who loves a sport, I wanted to one day be out there. My idols growing up were Dick Weber, Mark Roth, Marshall Holman and Earl Anthony and probably the greatest kid memory I have is getting to bowl with three of the four at the Rol-Aids Open Pro-Am at Dick Weber Lanes when I was 8 years old. While I never, to this point, became a PBA member, from an amateur standpoint, I've done fairly well; honor scores, tournament wins, etc. And after 11 years away from competitive bowling, I moved back to St. Louis from California, picked up a ball again and realized that I love it as much now as I did when I was that little kid at the Pro-Am. 

I’m honored to be a part of the Best Bowling Pro Shop staff because I want to be a part of something that promotes a sport that so many of us love, instead of tearing it down. Daniel and everyone on his staff, from the pro shop operators to coaches to staff members, are all about promoting every aspect of the sport. Bowling had given me a lot, so my hope is that this might be my way of giving back. I’m admittedly not the most technological dude out there, but I know what I like to throw, so ask me. 


60+ 300’s
40+ 800’s (858 high series x’s 2)
Multiple Gran Prix / NBT titles
3 time Roll for the Dough Champion
2nd place Midwest Regional Finish
Top 5 Team finish at USBC Nationals (1993)
2013 MO-USBC State Doubles Champion (with Tim Behrendt)
Two-time Land O’ Lincoln Doubles Champion (with Shea Bittenbender)
Three-time Trio Champion (with Shea Bittenbender & Eddie Byrd)

Jason Schaefer

Jason Schaefer


            Started bowling when I was 6 years old, bowled as a right-hander till I was 12. When I was 12 I broke my right arm in a fall that changed everything. I was in a cast for a year then rehabbed for a few months but never went back to using the right arm for bowling. When I was 14 I started bowling youth competitive as a left-hander. Had a bunch of people tell me being left-handed looks so natural for me even in the early stages of adapting to the change. Over the years I have pretty much adaptive to being fully left-handed for everything.


                  When I moved form youth bowling to adult completive leagues and tournaments I jumped straight into one of the best leagues in my local house and also was drafted in St Louis Masters Travel league first year I applied.  Bowling ended up taking a back seat in life in 2006 when I went back to school and start a family. Last couple years back bowling Best Bowling Proshops and family has helped me adapt to the changes in the sport after missing almost 8 years. The sport of bowling is defiantly different and from what Best Bowling is doing for the sport is just great and I am greatly excited to be apart of Best Bowling Proshops and to help start improving the sport and growing the sport forward.


Bowling Accomplishments

-        High School Bowling Team local Title

-        7 Youth Singles Titles (Gateway / Midwest / Greater Iowa) Tours

-        First 300 game Adult – Child Tournament at Plaza Lanes at 14

-        4 total 300’s as a youth

-        1 total 800’s as a youth

-        2 Gran Prix/NBT Titles

-        3 SMBT tour 2nd place finishes

-        34 total 300’s

-        11 total 800’s

Shea Bittenbender

   I grew up in the small town of Mt. Cobb, Pennsylvania.  Bowling has been in my family for generations and it is how I learned the game.  From the first time I picked up a ball at the age of 3, bowling instantly became my favorite activity.  My father, Dave, who bowled professionally in the late 70s and early 80s taught me everything he knew about the game.  Because of the knowledge I gained, the endless amount of practice, and junior leagues/tournaments, I earned a bowling scholarship to Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. 

       While at Lindenwood, our mens team won the 2005 National Championship, which is one of the best moments of my life.  I then earned my Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and my Master of Bachelor Arts in Business Administration.  After school, I began my business career with Enterprise Holdings Inc. where I am currently a Business Analyst.  Recently, I married my wife, Crystal, in September 2013.  We just purchased our first home in St. Charles so its looks like I will be around for a while.

       I am truly excited to be part of the Best Bowling team.  Best Bowling is more than just a couple of guys who work in a pro shop. Best Bowling is a team who is involved bringing the bowling community together, improving bowling's integrity, and ultimately growing the sport in any way possible.

Bowling Accomplishments
- Nations Top 10 for game (223) and series (553) at the age of 8
- First 300 game at the age of 12
- 18 NEPA Junior Classic Series Titles
- 2 Junior Bowlers Tour Titles
- 2003 Pennsylvania State USBC Youth Champion
- 50+ 300s and 30+ 800s
- Captain of 2005 National Championship team
- 2007 Second Team and Academic All-American
- 1 PBA Regional title - St. Charles non-Champion
- 2 Gran Prix/NBT Titles
- 2 Roll for Dough Titles
- 2 Land O Lincoln Doubles titles with Chris Taylor
- 2012 Four State Mixed Open All Events Champion